Other Giving Options

Named Funds

Make a difference by providing continuing support far into the future by establishing a Named Fund. A Named Fund provides donors with the opportunity to make a more permanent gift to the Congo Protestant University and at the same time, allows them to create a personal named fund in honor or memory of a loved one. What better way to pay tribute to loved ones or designate a cause near and dear to your heart?

A Named Fund is a vehicle designed to provide continuing scholarships to students at the university. With a minimum donation of $25,000, the Named Fund will be invested in order to keep the amount of the scholarship paid annually and the value of the Named Fund as stable as possible over the long run. Once the Fund has been invested for one full fiscal year, it will begin to provide an annual scholarship to a student in need.

You may make a donation to a Named Fund. Or, to establish a new Named Fund, please contact:

Dr. Doug Cardwell
T:  +1.904.600.4123
E:  ExecDir@educationcongo.org

Planned Giving

You can make a significant impact on the lives of needy students by making a bequest to Education Congo.

Our organization is not qualified to provide specific legal, tax or investment advice. In consultation with your attorney, you can adjust or expand the following sample language to match your intentions and to conform with the legal requirements of your state.

I hereby give and bequeath to Education Congo the sum of ______ dollars

[for scholarships at the Congo Protestant University / education projects in Congo].

[to establish the ___________ Named Fund to provide continuing scholarship support to students of the Congo Protestant University].