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Vanga Evangelical Hospital

Founded in 1912, Vanga Evangelical Hospital is located about 10 hours east of Kinshasa in the Kwilu province. Vanga Hospital is committed to building a healthy community by providing high quality medical care. Its medical team understands that increasing the number of qualified physicians in Congo and improving and modernizing the level of education for the medical students are of the utmost importance.

Training physicians who are committed to devoting their time to the Congolese population in the interior of the country where their skills are needed is an integral part of the Vanga mission. The techniques that the students learn during their training give them the ability to improve and provide more accurate diagnoses. Learning these skills in a context and with limited resources similar to other hospitals in the interior helps them prepare for providing quality care in these hospitals. This school year (2017-2018) Vanga will have 52 medical students doing their final year of medical school training at the Hospital.